The Southeastern Meat Association, SEMA, is an organization of persons, firms or corporations who are meat and/or poultry packers, processors or distributors, and firms furnishing services or supplies to the packers, processors and distributors. Member companies represent the top meat producers and suppliers in the Southeast.

SEMA strives to provide networking, partnership and educational opportunities to its members to ensure the success of all its 300 member companies. The annual convention provides an excellent opportunity to learn and network with others in the meat industry.
Buy the Best Meat Products

If you are a grocery retailer, looking for a great product to drive traffic to your meat counter, decrease your in-house costs and satisfy your customers - you have come to the right place!

If you are a restaurant, looking for a great product for your next "center of plate" special, then you have come to the right place!

SEMA members produce top-of-the line and value-added products for grocery retailers and the food service industry. Member companies can provide you with products ranging from:

  • USDA Prime Filets / tenderloin steaks, USDA Choice Sirloins or lean ground beef, to
  • Portion-controlled pork chops and ribs, to
  • Chicken wings or boneless/skinless chicken breasts, to
  • Spiral-sliced, honey glazed Hams, to
  • Bratwurst or breakfast patties, to
  • Hotdogs.

Download the SEMA Brochure
Southeastern Meat Brochure (Revised 2022).pdf

SEMA Members

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